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Small perhaps, but innocence was another story. The boy had been… - [Broken Wings] A Yuugiou rpg community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jul. 17th, 2006|05:47 pm]
[Broken Wings] A Yuugiou rpg community
Small perhaps, but innocence was another story. The boy had been through so much in his short life, there was a darkness behind those eyes, a doubt that was hard to see but was deffinatly there and a constant part of his life. Games brought him joy, he didn't mind if the spirit held his hand, infact he sort of liked it. Maybe too much...

Once he was attached, he was attached. And that's just how it went. His fingers toyed lightly with Yami's as those slender digits laced with his own and he continued to show him games from around the world. " This game is really popular right now..oh...you already know how to play..?" his entire face lit up with joy as he beamed at the spirit and his eyes sparkled in anticipation.

"We should play! you'll have to go easy on me though.." he was being modest. Yuugi was known for his skill in the game, but he wasn't one to brag. Rubbing at his eyes "mm...I guess I'm still sleepy.." he'd been exhausted almost the entire day. His free hand pressed against his face as he felt his eyes threatening to close even as he stood up with the trio.

Shaking his head of the strange sensation he fixed his hair a bit and headed for the kitchen " If you want anything just make yourself at home kay?" letting go of the other him's hand quietly he'd begun to dig through the fridgerator and pull out three sweet pastery bread buns, handing each to the blond and then the Yami spirit.

Ripping open the package he'd nibbled at the sweet item. His eyes shifting towards Yami for a moment..his eyes roaming over the othres body in a sort of idle manner. "Yami..I ..." that adorable blush crossed into his cheeks again.."your..going to stay with me right..?" his eyes shifted down to his feet as he scuffed at the ground with the toe in a shy sort of way. "grandpa is home alot..but I..don't really know anybody and .." he hoped they would be friends..his voice trailed off as he reached his small hand out to the spirit. He wanted nothing more than closeness, a friendship with the two boys who stood near him.